• Complete retail rebrand - 2 Provinces. 56 stores. 4 weeks.

What we did

The Challenge

This rapid transformation and rebrand needed to encompass all brand intentions and merchandising tie-ins. Costs needed to be kept low and it was important to create a smooth transition for dealer owners, who were being introduced to a new brand concept, for the 1st time.

Project management +

Design & Strategy
Concept Development
Assessment & Audits
Prototyping & Production
Fabrication & Retrofit Specifications
Distribution & Install
Quality Assurance
Operations & Administration
Dealer & Landlord Relations

The Result

Our specialized team successfully converted fifty-six locations during a 4 week period. The initial design and strategy phase occurred over a 2 month period, while congruently manufacturing and refurbishing fixtures, to have packed and shipped at the start of the 3rd month of the project. Shortly thereafter stores were renovated within 2 days, each location would first close, then re-open as a bright, beautifully branded retail space. Working closely with our Clients, we lead a complete interior and exterior retail store transformation, including budgeting, cost management and dealer payment. Deemed a success, each location transformed within a cost below $25K!

The Outcome

4 weeks

56 locations

$25K per store

685 fixtures produced

256 store visits

18 dealers

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