• An Apple Fixture Designed to Last

What we did

The Challenge

While many fixtures come and go, for Apple we designed a flexible, adaptable module that can easily change based on a store type. Meeting both Apple and our Client’s standards, these fixtures stand the test of time. The fixture needed to encompass all size and security requirements to meet the varying retail channels, all while maintaining the brand integrity of Apple.

Project management +

Concept Development
Design & Strategy
Prototyping and Production
Project Management
Distribution & White Glove Installs
Communication & Administration
Dealer & Corporate Store Relations

The Result

The Methid team successfully delivered a flexible, adaptable Apple-approved fixture designed and developed for various retail store concepts, installed in locations nationwide. Our translated concept was developed with its long-term success in mind, focusing on open-ended capabilities and allowing future generations of Apple devices to be easily added for even more product options. The fixture integrated effortlessly within the overall store concept, aligning with the brand aesthetic of our client and brand integrity of Apple.

Initially developed for existing Apple devices, we were asked once again to develop another variation for more store concepts four years later.

The Outcome

12 Provinces

260+ locations

2 fixture generations with 600+ fixtures

780 sets of security brackets

340 Phone Confirmations

260 White Glove installs

3 retail channels

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