Retail Dilemma?

Methid has the solution.

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Our Story

At Methid we pride ourselves on delivering ground-level retail design and production without any of the excess process. We are nimble; we strategically pull together teams tailored to your individual needs. Meetings with us are guaranteed to have direction and purpose, as we place the utmost priority on attention, accountability, consistency, and efficiency.

We prioritize the ground-level details of your campaign, while you focus on the big ideas at the top. We collaborate with clients, agencies and agency partners to drive your business forward. We consider ourselves an extension to your business, so whatever you need, we can own it.

Above all, we have a shared stake in the outcome, so you can be sure every job is always executed just the way you want it. From assessment, to design, to production, to project management, at Methid our list of retail services is extensive.

Who We Are

Over the last decade, we have pioneered a smarter—and better way— to fufill the various needs of retailers across North America.

We’re a team with a passion for the consumer experience, and we hope to share our passion with you.

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What We Do

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Are your retail priorities pulling you in different directions?

We take an in-depth and hands-on look at your existing stores, fixtures and merchandising to develop an effective strategy for your ongoing needs.

This includes:

  • Researching your existing components
  • Planning & Trend Forecasting
  • Aligning Tools & Resources
  • Defining Scope of Work
  • Budgeting
  • Store/Fixture Audits
  • Allocations & Material Production Quantities
  • Merchandising/Collateral Needs
  • Documentation & Communication
  • Payment Management
  • Reporting
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Merchandising & Fixtures

Need to carry an idea or campaign message throughout your retail locations?Methid can make it happen.

We can take your top-level creative and format it to work within the multitude of variables in your distinct situation.

We will translate your mass quarterly campaigns into store windows, standees, fixtures, interactive displays and just about anything else you can imagine.

Merchandising Extras & Fixture Additions also includes:

  • Post-build Store Fixture Programs
  • Short term in-market Displays
  • Window Displays
  • Product Launch Displays
  • Digital Displays
  • Fixture Retrofits and Store Resets
  • In-store Promotional Programs
  • Refresh of existing store layouts
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Yes, we do that too.

Our creative services can be used as a supplementary support in proliferating your latest campaign, or as a one-stop-shop to create and develop new ideas from the ground up.

From retail environments to fixture design, windows to merchandising concepts, all the way to interactive and media driven experiences. Our experts will take you from concept development through to production with whatever you can throw at them, and we have a roster of talented professionals to draw from as needed.

Our services include:

  • In-Store Design Consultation
  • 3D Renderings & 2D Elevations
  • Interactive & Digital Experiences
  • Schematic & Floor Plan Design
  • Merchandising Guidelines
  • Graphic Artwork & Signage
  • Print Production
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Do you have stores with different needs?

We have a vested and genuine interest in understanding the complexities of your unique program. We develop custom and comprehensive procedures that set understandable timelines and a clear set of deliverables.

We also ensure all vested parties work together to achieve your goals, while outlining and defining the expectations of each.

Implementation also includes:

  • Project Management
  • White Glove Installation
  • Distribution
  • 3rd Party Vendor Liaison
  • Managing Operations & Administration
  • Reporting
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Fixture Maintenance

Need a hand keeping your displays looking fresh?

Methid provides ongoing support to new and existing fixtures, regardless of who made them in the first place. Our automated process makes managing inventory and assets easy, and keeps your stores looking the way you intended.

Benefits of our Automated System:

  • Intuitive and user friendly experience
  • Access to real time assessment for fixture related assets
  • Visual catalogue of all fixtures and component parts
  • Consolidated online inventory database from multiple suppliers
  • Plan-o-gram integration with marketing allocation and compliance systems
  • Know what is needed where, and in what quantity

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